In the same way that slavery was a moral challenge for the 19th c. & totalitarianism was a challenge for the 20th c., the challenge that women & girls face around the world is the moral challenge of our time.

~ Sheryl WuDunn & Nicholas Kristof

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Enlisting Male Allies: Stepping Up Together to Be the Change by Emily Nielsen Jones

The purpose of the Women's Liberty Bell Blog is to promote dialogue around how to more fully enlist our faith traditions in the ongoing work of uplifting girls/women around the world, not only in the form of charity/humanitarian efforts, but even more fundamentally to establish a very clear, spiritual framework for women's human equality around the world.

Religion, as we all know, has conflictual forces within it which lean both forward and backwards when it comes to advancing justice and equality for all.  No where is this tension felt more acutely than in the domain of gender where throughout history and still today we see both empowering/disempowering forces which both encourage women to rise up above patriarchal ideas/norms and also to stay in "their place". 

Like so many today, we at the Women's Liberty Bell Blog believe that our world is in a unique moment of time where the sheer shock of how low the floor has dropped for women's human rights around the world has created a holy catalyst not just to engage in humanitarian relief for women but also a deeper change of consciousness of the underlying hierarchical model of gender which has for centuries devalued and disempowered women as the subordinate "lesser than" gender.  Key to this deeper transformation is the involvement of men embracing gender equality/justice not just as a "women's issue" but as a common human struggle.  Without this, all we will have is these tiring gender battles... 

which divide us unnecessarily, make us out to be totally different species rather than brothers and sisters who share the same human DNA, drain our spiritual vitality as both men and women, and militate against all of the humanitarian progress so many are working toward.  (For more info on this regressive gender movement which is cropping up with renewed vigor within men's ministries and family/parenting resources encouraging men to "reclaim their rightful place" as leaders/patriarchs, check out this blog:

All this is to say... we need your partnership to step up together to be fully empowered human beings and to create a better world for our daughters and our sons to thrive as human beings.

Men, please chime in this April!   
Enlisting Male Allies: Stepping Up Together to Be the Change... Empowering women is only half of the equation of gender justice/equality. Men too need to be part of the change of gender balancing our world. For you personally as a male, what shifts have occurred in your gender/faith journey that have enabled you to lean in to gender equality?  How has this enhanced and enlarged your own development as a human being?  Where do you see both obstacles & opportunities to more fully enlisting men as partners in getting faith more fully onboard with gender justice?

Just a short sweet post will do, something from the heart and from your own life experience.  We really really REALLY need your voices & your solidarity! 

Let's work together to be the change we want to see in the world,
together.  Let us know if you would like to chime in!


  1. This is excellent, Emily.

    I'm in, and hope I have been for some time. :-)

  2. I am always amazed at the subliminal policy and culture of churches and other religious entities in our society that practice gender inequality. It was my wife and others that brought me to Christ. I will be forever grateful. We have raised our children in a God centered family, sharing equally in leadership and love within our family. We found a beautiful church in our community, one in which our kids found many friends. We have since left this church as there is no place for women in leadership.
    If we are to "change the World" for the betterment of humankind, I think we need everyone's skills compassion and expertise combined. God has created us equally wonderful and beautiful in his eyes. I was lost, but fortunate enough to be led to Christ by a woman. I think He is pleased.

  3. Thank you David & David for your human solidarity.